Tuesday, November 10, 2015

These 4 TED-Ed Club members will give talks at TEDYouth…watch their talks live!

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TEDYouth is our annual youth conference — a free, inspiring, day-long event that’s designed with students in mind. At TEDYouth 2015, students will explore ideas, create animations, and watch live talks by an amazing lineup of scientists, designers, technologists, explorers, artists, performers — and more. This year’s lineup features young speakers from around the world, including 4 TED-Ed Club members who will share their talks on the TEDYouth stage. To watch every TEDYouth talk as it happens, go to this link on November 14, where TEDYouth will be streamed live, free of charge, in English, Spanish and Arabic. To learn more about the TED-Ed Club members who will give talks at TEDYouth 2015, read on:

Brandon Allen is a spoken-word poet and a high school senior. He loves public speaking as a way to engage with new audiences. A journalist and published writer, Brandon dreams of becoming a news anchor and eventually a talk show host.

Marta Botet Borràs has been surrounded by books for as long as she can remember. By 11, she started a blog to share her book recommendations; soon after, she started filming and posting her reviews on YouTube. Her BookTube channel is the first video book review series in Catalan.

Chelsea Ha is a passionate environmentalist who hopes to inspire others to take action against climate change. Chelsea does research on the atmosphere and changes in the environment with a weather balloon that she is building herself!

Anna Kaufman is a high school junior who is obsessively organized — her bookshelf at home is alphabetized, and she loves to learn in as many different ways as she can. In fact, some of her biggest lessons have come from her teachers … and her older sister Leah.

Watch TEDYouth live on November 14 at ted.com/tedyouth.

via TED-Ed Blog http://blog.ed.ted.com/2015/11/10/these-4-ted-ed-club-members-will-give-talks-at-tedyouth-watch-their-talks-live/

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